#365WaystoChangetheWorld Nos 36-56

Gah! I have got so behind with these round up posts of my #365WaystoChangetheWorld, so huge apologies for this MASSIVE post!
With no further ado, here are THREE weeks worth of posts (and a whole heap of world changing!)

Week 6

36-Lulastic numbered

37-42 numbered

36. This week’s guest post os from the fabulous Lucy at Lulastic and the Hippyshake. Lucy is a brit who has recently emigrated to New Zealand with her family, and is embracing the Good Life living off grid in their amazing yurt-check out her blog for loads of simple living and gentle parenting tips and know how.

Scored some furniture from the Doctor’s surgery (via the dump shop) that I shall paint and turn into our kitchen cabinets. Super stoked, well retro but ALSO#upcycling is a mega part of changing our wasteful culture- where the piles of landfill grow and precious resources used up to cram more into our homes. (I’m a crammer, I really am, but at least it’s all from the dump!!)

37. Sew on a button!
Apparently the most common reason for clothing to be discarded is because it’s missing a button.
Buttons are also a brilliant way to pimp a tired outfit-just changing the buttons can really change the look of a garment.
Or you can just store them in glass jars (sorted by colour, obvs) and sit and gaze lovingly at them…

38. Ditch cotton wool pads and invest in some reusable ones instead. Conventional cotton production demands huge amounts of both water and pesticides, so to use it in a single use disposable product like cotton wool seems madness.
You can buy organic cotton reusable pads, or if you can knit or crochet you can always make your own!

39. Create sustainably.
Be mindful when buying supplies for making, of their environmental and social impact. “Fast fabric” and “fast yarn” fall into the same league as “fast fashion” and trying to source the things we need secondhand or ethically can lessen the impact of our creative endeavours!

40. Unpick and knit again!
This technique is a brilliant way to salvage yarn from old woollens and can be a great way to source a reasonable amount of yarn very sustainably (and often quite cheaply too).
I’d heard this phrase many times but didn’t really believe it was something that could really be done. Then the wonderful@notsogranny wrote a chapter on it for my Make Do and Mend Back to Basics book, and I couldn’t believe how easy it looked!
The yarn in this picture is unpicked from a charity shop jumper that I bought but that never really suited me. I finally bit the bullet and unpicked it to yield a very satisfying amount of yarn. I’ve made a cowl so far and am plotting what to do with the rest.

41. Ditch the plastic wrap on flowers!
With Valentine’s Day approaching, if you are buying flowers for a loved one, ask the florist if they can ditch the cellophane and just use paper instead.
Although ‘actual’ cellophane is supposed to be biodegradable, normal plastic wrap isn’t and will sit in landfill for years to come.

42. Don’t pre-heat the oven!
Unless you’re baking there’s not really any need for stuff to go into a hot oven and it saves a lot of energy!

Week 7

43. CAGW

44-49 numbered

43. This weeks guest post is from Crafting a Green World-the home for eco-friendly crafts, and one of the wonderful contributors to the Make Do and Mend-Back to Basics e-book.

Ditch the disposable paper and make your own cloth napkins and rags!

Lovely Becky has even written a whole post about it.

44. Love your empty loo rolls!
Cardboard tube inners from loo rolls are endlessly versatile-I sometimes stuff ours with newspaper and use them for fire lighters. And although the health and safety types have banned them as craft supplies from schools and pre-schools there are countless wonderful creative projects you can make using them with your kids at home-Red Ted Art has a whole heap of ideas if you hop over there for a peek.

45. Tell someone you love them. They don’t have to be your “significant other”, it could be your mum, dad, child, best friend. But take the time to really notice them and the love you feel for them. And then tell them.
It’s sometimes all too easy to take each other for granted, and Valentine’s Day can act as a reminder to share the love we feel.

46. Zero waste plastic free shaving!
Hubby and I have just invested in British made safety razors. The blade is just metal and can be replaced (and then recycled with the regular metal recycling) and the rest of the razor should go on as infinitum.

47. Once you’ve finished cooking, turn the oven off but leave the door ajar and the residual heat can help to warm up your home in the winter!

48. Green your baking!
Use reusable liners and moulds or choose FSC certified baking paper.
Baking paper can also be torn up and composted after use for extra green points!

49. If you use cotton buds (Q-tips?) consider switching to a brand that has cardboard rather than plastic middles. That way they can be composted rather than sit in landfill!

Week 8

50. TRAID 51-56 numbered

50. Today’s post is a guest post from the brilliant team at TRAID who do an amazing job promoting #secondhandfirst and showcasing just how wonderful upcycled and preloved clothes can be.

Every year we produce 2.4 billion T-shirts. It takes 2720 litres of water to make 1 T-shirt (which would take the average person more than 3 years to drink). When your T-shirt is no longer wearable turning it into a simple T-shirt bag can extend the useful life of this wardrobe staple and reduce our consumption of plastic bags. We wrote about it on our blog here.

51. Learn a new skill! 
It’s such a fabulous way to keep mind and body switched on and active. Traditional skills like sewing and knitting are wonderfully versatile and can be used to make, repurpose and upcycle unique clothes and things for the home too. But you don’t have to stick to those-there is such a wealth of information now, online and in real life, from talented craftspeople wanting to pass on their skills, that the world is your oyster.
I’ve just had a very pleasant day wandering round Unravel and might have picked up a book or three. 
No prizes for guessing what I’m looking into learning..!

52. Reuse “disposable”piping bags!
I bought a roll of piping bags about 5yrs ago (before my make do and mend ‘conversion’!) and it’s still going strong. 
I simply wash out the bag after using and then prop it up to dry, before popping away ready to use again.
As an aside, I used to avoid piping like the plague-there was something almost intimidating about it, but I’ve conquered my irrational fear, now I love a spot of piping (especially macaroons…).

53. Bust those draughts!
Stay toasty warm and make yourself a draught excluder for any external doors (or even internal ones that have a draught coming through!) They are super easy to make, especially if you use something like the leg of an old pair of jeans.

54. Use an old blanket to line your curtains-stay toasty warm and save energy!
I posted a wanted in my local @thisisfreeglegroup for old blankets and then sewed curtain tape along the top, so I can simply unhook them in the Summer (if I remember!)

55. Homemade biscuits!
Yes, I know, splendid news that eating biscuits can change the world…
When you make your own, you know exactly what’s going in them, they taste a bazillion times better than shop bought, and there’s no pesky unrecyclable wrapper to send to landfill.
I have a favourite recipe that is ultimately versatile, and I could probably make in my sleep-I make a big batch and then freeze whatever we can’t scoff.

56. Join in with #makedoandmendhour! 
Every Thursday from 8-9pm GMT we have a Twitter chat for lovers of all things Make Do and Mend. We share our makes and mends from the week, our top tips for making do, reuse, repair and upcycling. And have a jolly time too. Pop over and join us-it’s always one of my favourite hours of the week!

365 36-56 P

Well done if you made it this far.
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