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It’s Day 3 of Mend It May and I’m blown away by the response so far!
The Mend It May Facebook group is buzzing with pictures of mends, and it has been genuinely heart warming to see the kind words of support and the wonderful advice that has been flying backwards and forwards. The Instagram #menditmay #mendup photo prompt thing is going well, and the #menditmay hashtag on Twitter is a joy to behold! @jackiemania just shared this excerpt from “Shirley” by Charlotte Bronte on Twitter, and it made me smile:

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Today I wanted to share with you some resources for finding the help and information you need to help out with any tricky mends.

Useful Books
A good basic sewing manual will include lots of the information needed for most basic clothing repairs, and a good DIY book is another good investment (I bought buhhy one when we bought our first house..!).
These are a couple of my favourite specific mending books:

  • Stitch ‘n’ Fix
  • Mend It Better
  • Make Do and Mend – the reproductions of the official Second World War instruction leaflets are a joy to read and still just as relevant today!
    Mend It May-books
  • Reader’s Digest Repair Manual-I’m not sure if these are still in print, but they quite often pop up in charity shops
    Mend It May-Repair manual
  • Extraordinary uses for ordinary things-again another one that I often see in charity shops

Useful Websites
The internet contains within it a wealth of information, but it can help to know where to start to narrow down the search. These are a few of my favourites, as well as a couple that I found from a Google search that look pretty useful:

I hope these are useful. If you have any firm favourites that I have missed out, please do let me know-leave a comment below, or e-mail me jen at makedoandmend-able dot co dot uk, and I can add them in.

If you haven’t already, do sign up for the Mend It May pledge, and share Mend It May with your friends!

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