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Sometimes I feel like social media dominates my life, and I resent the online world and the pull that my computer/tablet/phone seems to have on me.
But then sometimes, the online world results in something awesome.

An e-mail out of the blue, a Twitter conversation, or a connection via Facebook can result in actual real-life connections, and actual real-life things.
And so it was with Mend It May.
I was merrily mending and blogging my way through the month, when an e-mail arrived in my in-box entitled “G’day from Australia” from a lady called Erin in Melbourne, telling all about her repair project. I replied, and then Erin sent back another e-mail, with this paragraph:
“I had a funny dream that you and I started an online magazine/social media thing called the Daily Fix, which you, I and other nice-lady repair evangelists in other countries co-curated with daily photos of all the beautiful and cool repairs happening around the world to inspire people. And we all had Teasmades that we set to the same time for our monthly Skype editorial meetings!”

Sooo, at the end of a two hour Skype call (another wonder of modern technology) where we had pretty much fixed the world through the medium of repair, I said “Let’s do it”. Erin said “Let’s do what?”. I said “The Daily Fix thing. Only without the Teasmades” (only because I don’t have one, not because I don’t think that they are a very fine invention).
Erin said “Wait, no, that wasn’t a pitch, it was genuinely just a weird dream”, and I said “I know, but wouldn’t it be cool. Shall we do it?”. And Erin said “Erm, yes, ok!”.

And so The Daily Fix was born.

At the moment it is ‘just’ a Facebook page, but we have some great Pinterest boards too, and many, many ideas.
Though The Daily Fix we want to:

  • inspire and encourage you to repair and love your stuff;
  • demystify the repair process;
  • foster a sense of community and help people to help each other with their repair projects;
  • help promote the good work that individual repairers and businesses are already doing;
  • and meet nice people (virtually) and have nice times.

How does that sound?

Erin has been far more on the ball than me, and has not only designed and made our fabulous logo (see above) and she has also made the first Daily Fix video tutorial, which I totally love-do check it out:

Please do hop over and ‘like’ the page to stay up to date and to get your “Daily Fix” of mending magic 🙂

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