Let’s Get Mending in May!

Mend it May is back!
Last year saw the first ever Mend it May – a month long celebration of all things mending – and was so much fun we’re doing it all over again.

The aim of the month is to basically highlight mending, and to raise it’s profile.
Mending is often seen as the ‘poor relation’ to making, but can actually be even more empowering and satisfying.
This is a quote from Cintia who joined in last year, that I think sums the whole thing up brilliantly:

“In this day and age where it’s seems easier to just go out and buy new things rather than repairing what we already have, mending is becoming a lost art. With the rise of fast fashion and built in obsolescence, fixing what’s broken can seem unnecessary and in some cases, due to intentional design, physically impossible. But for many people, including me, mending is more than just the physical act of patching and repairing, it’s a conscious decision to appreciate the value of what we have, reject the constant pressure to consume and to celebrate the fact that we have the power and skills to make something broken, whole again.”
Cintia at My Poppet

Last year I went full pelt and produced loads of tutorials and resources, and even interviewed one of my mending heroines. (You can find all the Mend it May posts from last year here).
This year, I’ve got lots more on my plate with the launch of my coaching business, so the main ‘action’ will be in the Mend it May Facebook group (which has already had over 100 new members in the last few days!). Do come and join us to get inspired, ask questions and generally get your mend on!

There’s a ‘badge’ here that I made last year, that some people have switched to their FB profile for the month of May, which is a brilliant way to spread the word. Or you can add it to your blog side-bar, or make it into an actual badge with the help of some sellotape and a safety pin if that is what floats your boat:

Do come and join us!
Use the #menditmay hashtag if you share any of your mends on social media so I can find you, and don’t forget to come and join in the fun in the Mend it May Facebook group 🙂

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  • Reply Kizzy Bass (@KizzyABass) May 6, 2017 at 6:59 am

    I’ve been mending more of my children’s clothes recently rather than going out and buying new. Will pop over to the group and join in!

    • Reply Jen May 6, 2017 at 8:51 am

      Yay! Just added you in Kizzy ?

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