The Power of Blogging

Some of you will no doubt be aware that in the last week I have launched my first coaching ‘product’. It’s a 10 day live group coaching programme, called the Get Blogging Bootcamp.

I’ve been pushing myself way out of my comfort zone getting this out there – I am the most unsales-y person imaginable. The whole thought of trying to sell something to someone makes me feel hugely uncomfortable and makes my stomach go all churny. Not good.
BUT I’ve been pushing myself to do this, and to promote this course because I really believe in the power of blogging, and I want to be able to help as many people as possible to get their stories and their messages out there.

My own journey into blogging began in August of 2012 when I decided that as a family we were going to spend a year buying nothing new.
I knew that I wanted to create a blog to document our journey, and to let other people know what we were doing, but I didn’t have the first idea how to write a blog post, or even really what to write about. I had no idea if I could write, if I could engage an audience, or if I would enjoy it.
I started off with a very basic free WordPress site, and the rest, as they say, is history!

I discovered that I could write, and that I actually really enjoyed it.
I could engage an audience, and to my absolute surprise, I could inspire people to create their own changes, through my writing.
I ended up blogging every day for that year – 365 blog posts in 365 days.
I look back at some of them now, and I cringe. At the writing, at the pictures. And I marvel a little bit at my naivety. But I learned so much from just getting out there and doing it.
I learned how to structure a blog post, what kinds of things my audience enjoyed and got the most engagement, how to write quickly, and how to fit it all into my days when I had two small people at home with me full-time (I look back now and can’t quite believe I did it!).

And far, far more than all of that, I learned the power of blogging.
Through my little blog, I made connections, and had conversations with, people I would never have met otherwise. I found out about people doing amazing things, and I started to find my tribe.
As my audience grew, I started to get some amazing opportunities to share my story more widely – I went on our local BBC radio station, and then got a double page feature in The Sun. I was asked to write some articles on mending for The Guardian, and I was asked to do a TEDx talk telling the story of our year.

I never in a million years imagined that I could do these things, or that I would get the opportunity to do them.
And it all came about from that one decision, to start a blog. To step out of my comfort zone, embrace the unknown, and say ‘yes’ to whatever came next.

There have been times when I have questioned what I’m doing. Whether I’m actually affecting any change at all. But then I look back at some of the comments on my posts and some of the e-mails I’ve received, or I hop over to my Facebook group which now has over 6,000 members all doing brilliant things everyday to make small changes in their lives, and I know that it is all worth it.
Even if I just inspire one person to make one change. That one person then makes another change, or inspires another person, and the ripples of change start to spread. All of these small actions, collectively add up to make a big difference.

Now, I said right at the beginning that I am officially rubbish at any kind of ‘selling’, but if you think that you might have a blog inside you, if you think you’ve got a story to tell, or you’ve got a business to promote that is doing good stuff, if you’d love to inspire people and to create positive change in the world, then I would love to help you to do that.
I know so many people who say they want to start a blog, but they’re not sure what they would say, or if anyone would want to read it. They’re not sure how they would find the time, or fit it into their already busy lives. They’re scared of putting themselves out there, and what people might say.
I’d love to share with you the lessons I have learned along the way – to help you create a strategy for your blog that will help you to get your message out there more quickly and more easily.
And that’s why I’ve created the Get Blogging Bootcamp, and why I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone to write this post and share it with you all.

It’s a 10 day course that starts TOMORROW (Monday 15th May) – each morning you will get an e-mail from me with a short video and a workbook that should take less than 20 minutes to complete. We’ll have our own exclusive private Facebook group, where you can post your questions, and ask for feedback from me, and from the others on the course.
If this sounds like something that you would find helpful, there’s more information here (or you can just skip straight to the sign up here) – I’d love to have you join us, and I’m really excited about getting started.

Whatever you decide, if it’s for you, or not for you, thank you for reading, and for being a part of the journey that has got me to this point!

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