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The eagle eyed amongst you (!) might have noticed a whole new look to the site.
Well, not quite a whole new look just yet – there’s still lots of tweaking and changing to be done, but there’s a whizzy new header, and some new colours, which counts as a whole new look in my book!

What do you think?
Do you like it?
It’s only taken me about 3 years to finally arrive at the place where I feel like I really know what I stand for and where I’m going. And the new ‘brand identity’ (as the marketing bods call it) is a reflection and a celebration of that.

Those of you who’ve been following since the beginning will be familiar with the very many twists and turns along the road that have led to this point.
What started as a simple blog to document our year buying nothing new became so very much more.
I’ve had the opportunity to write for national newspapers and magazines, do a TEDx talk, appear on TV and radio, and speak at amazing events – all of which were well out of my comfort zone as a ‘retired vet’ and married mum of two.

For a LONG time I didn’t have the confidence, or the belief, in myself, and the skills and experiences that I have amassed in the last 5 years.
I was scared to step up, and step into this brave new world that I had somehow created.
Who was I to dare to dream of generating an income from something I LOVE doing, and spreading this message of sustainable living and conscious consumption that seems ever more important with each passing year?
I looked around for other ways to make a living that might align with my values – I re-trained as a coach and started working with ethical business and social entrepreneurs, but all the time I couldn’t let this site, and the community that has grown up around it, go.
I think I’ve always known deep down that this work is where my heart lies.

So here we are.
Here I am.
With a shiny new (ethically sourced…!) logo and header, and butterflies in my tummy.

Things are changing. But they’re staying the same.
I’m re-committing to my passion for all things sustainable living. To my firm belief that we really all can make a difference. And that all our actions, no matter how small, absolutely do add up to make a big difference.

I’m feeling the fear – the fear I have of being judged for turning a blog into a business, for wanting to generate an income from work I love doing, and a cause I really believe in with all my heart. The fear of failure. The fear of success. Whatever the fear, I am pretty sure I am feeling it.
But I’m doing it anyway.
The world needs more changemakers right now. Now is not the time to play small, to hide in the shadows, and to be afraid. We need to start to reverse some of the damage we are doing to our planet, and we need to start TODAY. And the good news is that we can! We can all start today, to make small changes – to say “no straw please”, to remember our reusable shopping bags, to take our own coffee cup – and these changes might feel insignificant in the face of the scale of the issues, but that just makes them all the more important.

Thank you SO much for all your support on the journey (as roundabout as it has been!) to get to this point. For sticking with me and this blog as it morphs and changes. It might look different on the outside, and it might manifest in slightly different ways, but the core values behind it all – reducing consumption; taking responsibility for the consequences of our choices; making one small change after another, after another; and supporting each other in our efforts every step of the way – they haven’t changed. And they never will.
This is a journey that I don’t think will ever end, but I finally feel clear about the direction I’m heading in once again 🙂

I would LOVE you to stick around. To tell all your friends that there’s a place they can come to get inspiration and motivation for making small sustainable changes. To come and join my Facebook community. To tune into my upcoming podcast. And to maybe even check out my Sustainable Living Hub.
The more of us there are stepping up, stepping into our own fears and doubts, and making positive change regardless, the more impact we can have – are you with me?

I always love to hear from you, so please do leave a comment – let me know what you think of the new look, and of the new (but the same!) direction 🙂


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  • Reply Tass Smith May 3, 2018 at 6:51 pm

    Goodness me Jen. You’re so good at simply saying it how it is. And that’s what I like about you and your blogging. Your honesty shines through – feeling terrified and yet breaking through that fear and doing it anyway. And why shouldn’t you make money from your skills – surely that’s just normal?
    Thank you and keep going. You’re an inspirational force! 😉

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