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Zero Waste Recipes-Chocolate Macaroons

It’s the first day of Zero Waste Week, and I’ve been thinking about content and trying to think of a fresh take on this year’s theme of Food Waste. I wasn’t sure what I could add to the ideas and recipes that I’ve posted before, when I had a bit of a head slap moment realising that just yesterday I made something pretty delicious that helped prevent food waste: chocolate macaroons!

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How to… Make Soap

As soap forms the basis of so many of the recipes for the homemade cleaning products that I want to share with you guys, I thought I should go over a basic soap recipe, in case anyone is keen to have a go! The more I read and learn about making soap, the more I realise how much there is to read and learn. I am only at the very tip of the iceberg, and although it’s actually a pleasingly simple process, there is quite a lot to take on board, so be warned, this is a bit of an epic post!

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Easy Homemade Upcycled Packaging for Edible Gifts

When you are making gifts, especially edible ones, often the easy bit is making the gift, and the hardest bit is finding a way of packaging it so that it looks good without resorting to lots of plastic packaging (I think that actual proper cellophane is supposed to be biodegradable, but I’m not sure how many of the ‘cellophane’ bags you can buy are actually cellophane).

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