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25+ Easter Makes

It’s the weekend!
And not only that, but here in (please be sunny) Wiltshire, the kids have broken up for Easter.
I have that holiday feeling-if you have small-ish kids you might recognise it-part relieved that that daily “for the eleventh time, will you put your shoes on” race for the door is postponed for a couple of weeks; part mild dread at the thought of trying to referee two small people 24/7 for 16 days, and 8.5hrs….

As ever, I have good intentions of trying to fill our days with many happy hours of crafting and skipping gaily through fields with laughing children, but we shall see….
Anyway, I’ve been hitting Pinterest, and have found some awesome Easter/Spring themed crafts, for you and the smalls in your life.

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Ten Ways to Upcycle Pillowcases

I sometimes think that pillowcases must breed in airing cupboards, as I always seem to find loads skulking at the back of the airing cupboard, on the rare occasion that I have a clear out!
If you too have a plethora of pillowcases (anyone know the official collective noun for pillowcases..?!), or if you find an especially lovely one in a charity shop, here are some great ideas for re-purposing them.

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Ideas for Easy Homemade World Book Day Costumes!

It’s World Book Day this Thursday (5th March), and to celebrate, many schools and pre-schools are asking the children to dress up as a character from their favourite book.
I’ve known for a couple of weeks that SmallSmall needs to dress up on Friday, but inevitably, I have done nothing about it.
And now I have 4 days, and very little time to come up with something…!

So, the obvious answer is to waste spend time scouring the internet, and writing a blog post..!

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Make Do and Mend-able Half Term Kids!

It’s half-term here in Wiltshire, and right on cue we have rain….!
The Smalls and I had a sneaky lie in this morning, leafing through a Make and Do book I picked up in a charity shop for 60p (biggest bargain EVER!), picking out things we might like to make, and making a list of ‘supplies’ to pick up from the Scrapstore when we visit later on today.
It made me think that a list of Make Do and Mend activities for the kids this half-term might not go amiss, so here we go:

Toilet Paper crafts from Red Ted Art-the possibilities are endless..!

I made one of the these with BigSmall a while back and they are great fun!

This might be a project that needs a bit more prep to find all the right bits, but if you have older kids, this looks AWESOME!

I saw this on the Nurture Store Play Planner, and it looks like just the kind of thing my Smalls would LOVE!

We all know that a cardboard box is one of the most exciting things a small person can have to play with…!

I’ve started a new ‘thing’ on Facebook and Twitter where I post a #MakeIt, a #MendIt, and a #MakeItDo every day. This is today’s #MakeIt, and I love it so much I’m sharing it again here!

If you have some felt scraps at home, this would use them up in a most pleasing way!

That should keep everyone busy, out of mischief and playing angelically for the week…
We’ve also got the obligatory spot of baking planned, and a trip to library. And amidst MUCh excitement, a visit to the newest member of our family-the boys have a new baby cousin!

What are your plans for half-term?
Do share your wonderful creations over on Facebook 🙂