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How to Patch 5 Ways

Both of my pairs of jeans currently have holes in them, and given that I am nearly 3 months into my new challenge, to buy no new clothes (new or secondhand) for a year, I need to get patching…
I’ve been doing some research into different techniques (procrastinating? Me?!) and thought a round-up might be useful to share.

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How To Set Up A Repair Event in Your Community

I was recently lucky enough to be invited along to the Big Lunch Extras Roadshow in Swindon.
Not only did I get to go along and meet some amazing people, doing some amazing things, but I was also asked to do a presentation about Repair Events, to spread the Make Do and Mend love!
I thought it would make a great blog post, and might help people who would love to have a Repair event in their community, but aren’t really sure how to go about it.
So here goes!

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Where to Learn Really Re-Useful Skills

Do you see what I did there?!

Re-using stuff isn’t hard.
Anyone can take an empty jam jar, give it a clean and re-purpose it into a vase. Or a tin can into a pen holder.
Sometimes it might take a spark of inspiration, and often your first foray into re-use may well be driven by necessity (ie someone smashed the vase..!)
For our grandparent’s generation, during and immediately after WW2, re-use was an absolute necessity. And it was a way of life. They learned how to do all kinds of amazingly thrifty things, to make sure that they managed to get the very last ounce of use out of their precious resources.
Now, in the 21st century, in a time of seeming abundance, we are starting to run out of resources. And as our resources become scarcer, we will soon be forced to make better use of them. But that Make Do and Mend mentality has been lost to recent generations. And sadly, the skills and resourcefulness of that generation that live through the war appear to be dying with them.

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Buying a Secondhand Sewing Machine

If you are joining me on the #mmaw2015 challenge, to sew an item of clothing a month, then you may well already have your own sewing machine. But if you don’t (and whether you are doing the challenge or not) then you will probably be on the look-out for one, unless your hand sewing skills are better than mine (not hard!)

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