Mend It May!

Welcome to Mend It May!
A whole month long celebration of the magic of mending.

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Throughout the next few weeks, I’ll be posting content on any and all aspects of mending: equipment; resources; techniques; inspiration; motivation; top tips etc etc. The plan is to make it as all inclusive as possible, and include as many aspects of mending as possible, but I suspect that there may end up being a lean towards textiles, and have some great ideas for tutorials for techniques like ‘boro’ and ‘sashiko’.

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Why Mend It May?
Mending is a powerful thing.
It saves things from landfill, and it saves resources.
Mending our things allows us to take ownership of them. To show that we value them, the resources that have gone into them, and the people who made them.
Mending teaches us learn new skills, and enables us to re-engage with skills with might think we had forgotten from long ago.
Mending lets us stop. Stop constantly buying and consuming, and moving on to the next bright shiny thing. When we are mending, we are slowing down, and engaging with our things, rather than just rushing thing life accumulating more, more, more.
I also like to think that mending is a form of activism. It’s quietly disrupting the status quo. Saying “No” to the ads that implore us to keep buying, and to keep upgrading. Gently pushing back against what can feel like a tidal wave of consumerism. All with an hour or two of simple mending.
You see, I told you it was a powerful thing…

When does it start?
The whole thing will kick off on Sunday 1st May, with a suitably over-excited fanfare here on the blog, the first photo prompt over on Instagram, and a Welcome to Mend It May e-mail (sign up here to take the Mend It May pledge, and join the e-mail list)

What do you need to do before May?
If you feel the need, you could start having a mosey around the house, and noting anything that could do with a little spot of mending magic being worked on it. I’m starting to amass quite a pile…!
Oh, and did I mention you can sign up and take the Mend It May pledge..?!

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It’s super easy to get involved:

  • Sign up and take the Mend It May pledge!

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    Pledge to mend ‘all the things’ or just one-the choice is yours. The most important thing is to get mending!
    Sign up here, and get all the latest news and updates straight into your inbox.
  • If you have a burning question, or a technique you want to learn, then let me know, and I’ll try and make sure I cover it during the month. Either leave a comment below, or e-mail me: jen at makedoandmend-able dot co dot uk
  • I’m hoping to have some guest content in the form of interviews, or how-to’s, so if you have any mending hero’s you’d love to hear from, then please leave suggestions in the comments
  • I’m putting  together a What’s On Guide, so if you are running, or know of, any repair events, please do let me know so I can make sure they are on there
  • Over on Instagram, I’m running a month long series of photo prompts: I’ll post a prompt every day for you to join in and take a snap, and help to spread the word! Follow me @makeandmendlife to join in!
  • Spread the word on social media: the hashtag is #menditmay – let’s see if we can get mending trending…
  • Join the Mend It May Facebook group-it’s a great place to show off your mends, or ask for help with anything you are stuck with
  • Our #makedoandmendhour Twitter chat will have a different mending theme for each Thursday in May – do join in 8-9pm (GMT). Follow me @makeandmendlife, or search the #makedoandmendhour hashtag to join in
  • All the Mend It May blog posts can be found here.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please leave them below, or e-mail me: jen at makedoandmend-able dot co dot uk

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