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Making Do – Craft Supplies

I’m sneaking in a last post for this Making Do month right at the last minute.
So far this month I’ve written about the importance of Making Do, Making Do and it’s positive impact on mental wellbeing, some tips for Making Do, Making Do with Food and Making Do with Clothes (and there was me thinking I hadn’t posted as much as I had wanted to..!).
When I asked people in my Facebook group what their sustainable New Year’s Resolutions were for 2017, a few people mentioned that they were planning to Make Do with the craft supplies they already had, and would not be adding to them until they had used up all of their fabric/yarn/insert other addictive crafting hobby supplies here stashes. So I figured it might be good to write a post dedicated to that very thing.
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One Planet Living

Making Do – Clothes

I meant to write this last week, but time kind of ran away with me, so now I’m squishing in the last couple of posts for our first month of One Planet Living into the last couple of days of the month!

This first month of our One Planet Living focus is all about Making Do, or loving the stuff we already have. Lots of people in my Facebook community have been having great success with Making Do with food this month, and have been shopping their cupboards and freezers, making all kinds of variations on ‘Fridge Soup’ and other inventive meals.
Other people have been focussing on Making Do with the clothes they already have, or have committing to not buying any more craft supplies until they have used up their existing stashes.
Today, I’m going to focus on Making Do with respect to our clothes, and share some tips and links that will help you learn to love and appreciate the clothes you already have, instead of buying into the fast fashion messages that you need to constantly be replenishing your wardrobe.

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One Planet Living

Making Do – Food

Our first month on One Planet Living, our month of making do is in full swing, and it is so inspiring hearing all about the small steps that people in the Facebook group are taking every day, and all the inventive ways they are coming up to Make Do with the stuff they already have, I love it!

Lots of people have chosen this month to Make Do with the food they already have. So they have been shopping their cupboards, raiding their freezers, making inventories of all those forgotten tins and packets, and then coming up with meal plans that make best use of the food already in the house, before hitting the shops.
Some people are shopping less and eating up the stuff in the freezer, and others are just shopping for a very few staples each week (fresh milk, fruit and veg etc) and making up the rest from their store cupboards, and then there are others who are simply paying closer attention to their leftovers and pledging to cut out food waste.
However you choose to go about to go about it, making the most of our food is a really powerful and important thing to do.

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Happy Stuff!, One Planet Living

Blue Monday and Making Do

Today is Blue Monday. Apparently officially the most depressing day of the year.
I’ve just googled it, and it first became a ‘thing’ in 2005 when someone somewhere did a weird equation, but it’s basically something to do with the time of year, the fact that most of us by now will have given up on our New Year’s Resolutions, the fact that Christmas credit card bills are hitting the doormat, and it still feels like a very looooong time until the end of the month and pay day. Oh, and the weather. Always the weather, at least for us Brits.
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One Planet Living

Some Tips for Making Do

It’s been so inspiring seeing everyone’s posts in the Facebook community with their plans for Making Do this month, as part of the One Planet Living challenge.
I thought it might be handy to think about some broad, over-view tips for Making Do, and I’ve got another post planned which will include resources and links to useful websites etc.
As I said in my last post, a month of Making Do will mean different things to everyone. Some people are not buying anything at all, some people are resolving to use up all their food leftovers, and others are focussing on their craft stashes and committing to using up what they have before buying anything else.
Whatever your own aim is for the month, some general rules apply pretty much across the board.
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