Writing Portfolio

As well as keeping My Make Do and Mend Life update, and compiling the Back to Basics e-book, I have written for many national publications, for sustainability charities and other blogs.
You can see some examples of my work below.
I write opinion pieces about living more simply and sustainably, as well as practical ‘how to’ guides for Making Do and Mending. Please get in touch if you are interested in working with me
-e-mail : jen@makedoandmend-able.co.uk, or tweet me @makeandmendyear.

:: The Guardian’s How to Mend series:

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:: Huffington Post Blogger

Why I’m Giving Up Clothes

:: Mirror Money Online

-Enjoy a Full Christmas without Spending a Penny
10 DIY Christmas Gifts
Halloween Costume Ideas
Reusable Bags you can Make for Free
School Uniform: 8 ways to save money and make it last longer
Upcycle Old T-shirts
5 Delicious Ways to Use up Leftover Bread
These Tricks Will Turn Your Old Clothes into a Dazzling Summer Wardrobe
5 Easy Things to Forage this Autumn

:: Reloved Magazine Q&A Expert

:: The Eden Project’s Big Lunch Pack
Eden Project’s 2015 Big Lunch pack

Guest blogs

:: Don’t Fret About Debt
Top Tips for Secondhand Shopping
Making the Most of Leftovers
Where to Find Free Stuff
Energy saving While Cooking

:: Zolando
New Year’s Resolutions-Buy Nothing New

:: The Big Lunch
How to Make Tin Can Skittles


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